Thursday, 27 August 2009

Fotd, smokey brown.

I never do the smokey type of eyes, and hardly wear eyeliner, but today I fancied a change. I also wore nude lips, which is something I never wear I usually go for pinks and reds.
So here's the pics and what I used.
Chanel Looks a bit used.

I'm wearing a very casual outfit,.
I'm wearing an Urban outfitters Tshirt, I love the colours and pattern on it.
The Purple Highwaisted jeans are from ASOS.
Then the Cardigan I'm wearing is an old Topshop one, I love topshop cardigans :)

Anyway Hope you're having a lovely day :)

Ooh actually can someone recommend a pretty neutral'ish, maybe pink beige, or peach beige lippie that's quite moisturising, I want the YSL volupte one in No1 but can't afford it :(
Thanks x


  1. i like the smokey look on you !

  2. Hey, thank you. I think I'll start wearing the smokey look more often :)

  3. Wow I love it all, the look and the outfit! Beautiful! :-)

  4. Love the lips! And the outfit is gorgeous and stylish!

  5. Hi glossglossgossip and Valz thank you :D x


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