Friday, 4 September 2009

Fresh cut FOTD

I really look like poo today, and couldn't pose for the hell of me and I was having a crap hair day, but I just wanted to show the new Mac stuff I got yesterday.
Here's what I used:
I'm off to bed now, I'll have another go playing around with the fresh cut palette tomorrow :D


  1. wow.. for the looks =) i like the hair =)

  2. @ raindropz Hey thanks, lol I was having a crappy hair day, I got caught in damn rain :(
    Just checked out your blog and its really good :) x

  3. @ Nicole it really is a nice palette :) not sure if the frost ones suit me though,hehe, but I still love it :) x

  4. You look really pretty, not like poo! lol The fresh cut palette is so nice!

  5. @kalmo,thanks, i do think I look like poo though,lol. I really do like the fresh cut palette, I think I can do a few looks with it :) x


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