Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Monday and Tuesdays Fotd, using bobbi Brown Palette :D

My new Bobbi Brown palette arrived on Monday (Yippeee).
Yesterday I took pics of me wearing it,
but didn't blog, because I didn't think I'd blog well enough yesterday (dunno why).
Anyway the palette I got was last years Shimmering Nudes palette, which I bought off ebay.

I've been looking at it on various discount sites, and things for a while, but last week I decided to do a 'buy it now' on ebay and get it, and I'm so glad I did. It's a beautiful palette.

(Mondays FOTD)
In the Monday Pic I am using: Face: Korres Wild rose foundation in WRF2.
Mac Moisturecover concealer

Me Me Me Poppy Tint
Bobbi Brown Shimmering Nudes Palette
Mac Plush Lash Mascara

Lips: Pink Nouveau L/S

(Tuesday Fotd)
What I used for Tuesdays Fotd
Face: Bourjois 10hour effect foundation
Mac Moisturecover concealer
Cheeks: Mac Mineralize MoonRiver
Eyes: Bobbi Brown Shimmering Nudes palette
Mac plush lash mascara
Lips: Just vaseline

I'm going to leave it there for now, and I shall return after my bath and blog about the Bobbi Brown Palette :D
P.s Sorry its a crappy post, I'm in a rush for a bath,lol.


  1. Thanks Nicole :) Chatting about it the other night made me want to wear it,lol. :) x

  2. You look soo pretty in all these pictures! I love your eye color and hair. The BB Shimmering Nudes palette looks very lovely on you and in pictures I have seen online.

  3. Hey Kalmo thanks :) I coloured my hair on saturday,lol. :) x


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