Thursday, 29 October 2009

Daniel Field Hair colour :)

Hey all, sorry I haven't blogged for a while, I've been feeling uninspired and quiet lately. Plus I've just been sitting around reading books. I just wanted to tell you about a hair dye I love at the moment, I'm now on my second packet (I say packet because this one doesn't come in the usual box). Daniel Field's Natural Colours don't contain any peroxide nor ammonia, which is good for me as I need something gentle on my scalp because of the whole alopecia I've been through. The packet says 'Long lasting Rich Colour for up to 100% grey coverage, Free from peroxide or Ammonia, conditioning and colouring in one for beautiful hair... Naturally".

So here is what's in the packet:
This colour is unlike other colourants because it doesn't contain a developer, all you receive in the packet is a colour vial, applicator bottle, gloves and cap. They don't supply a conditioner ,but I always like using my own anyway,so that's not a problem for me.
Also, on the website you can choose between a complete kit where you receive everything you need, or you can buy the top up kit, which just excludes the applicator bottle (better for the environment).
Anyway with this colour all you do is add a little tiny bit of water into the applicator bottle, add the colour vial (which is a powder), and add more water until it reaches the fill level, now you shake it for a minute until you can't hear any liquid in there.
I must add that the water has to be warm for it to work.
Now when you go to apply it you will notice the colourant is more like a foam, which can be a little tricky to apply, but you do get use to it.
You now leave it on for 20-45mins, depending on how much colour intensity you want.
Then it's time to rise, then after rinsing until no colour comes out, shampoo your hair, then apply conditioner and leave for a min. Rinse.
Then style as usual, and here's Moi after colouring my hair :)

I hope I've explained all of that enough for you :)
I have to say I'm very pleased with the results again (this is my second use of this colour), there is no nasty chemical smell, or irritation for me which is great :)
Thanks for reading x


  1. Wow I love that color! You look beautiful! :-)

  2. Hello there! How are you? Your hair is looking wonderful! I love this rich dark red, it really suits you =)

  3. perfect shade for the winter! im always a fan of red heads

  4. it looks very healthy, lovving the shine! :)

  5. I just found you blog and love it. keep up the good work.

  6. Hey hon! I left you a couple of tags over at my blog =) Check them out when you can! XO

  7. Hey, thanks all for the comments :)
    Sorry I haven't replied for ages, or posted, I'll check all your blogs out now,and see what I've been missing.
    Life's been a bit weird lately, and that's why I haven't been on much.
    Hope you're all doing great :)
    Christina XxX

  8. SO I don't know if you are still up and running but I have been looking for people who have experience with this product. I have just colored my grey roots with Daniel Field hair color and I couldn't be more pleased. The coverage is great. I just have one problem. It has stained my scalp terribly and I can't seem to get it off. It is hard not to get it on the scalp in the first place since I need to get as close to the root as possible. Plus when you put the bag on top it smooshes it to the scalp. Any thoughts or recommendations on how to get this off the scalp??

  9. Hi Patrick/ Megan thanks for reading :)
    My recommendations on getting dye off the scalp is to apply some vaseline to where the dye has stained leave it on for a few hours or over night and the vaseline usually takes the stain away when washed off.
    Or you could try an oil based cleanser.
    Hope that helps :) x


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