Friday, 6 November 2009

I've been quiet lately post, with lots of Red

Hey all :)
Sorry I haven't been posting much lately, life has been weird and stuff, and I haven't been around the computer so much.

Anyway I went out today and bought my two favourite magazines Glamour and Elle.
I was really excited to get Glamour as they have free Nails Inc polishes with them this Month, Yipeee.

I'm in a red mood lately (probably because autumn is here and xmas is soon), so I bought the Glamour magazine with the Polish in the shade Victoria&Albert, which is a lovely festive red.
Also Elle magazine came with a Free £20 Gift card off Reiss Items :)

On Tuesday I was in Tesco and had a quick look at the nail polishes, and I saw this Maybelline polish in Cherry 505L. It's a lovely Cherry red, and it makes me feel really glam :)

So to make me feel even more glam, I decided today to pop into Boots and look for a Maybelline Stay Put Lipcolour.
So I had a look, and within a second or two I saw the colour that would match my nail varnish, and that colour was Maybellines superstay in Red Passion 510.
It's a lovely vibrant red, and the balm that comes on the other end of the lip colour is really moisturising and glossy.

I've always been skeptical of these type of products as I really hate dry lips, but I've noticed that some lipsticks dry my lips anyway and they always need reapplying too, so I thought I'd just get one of these and just keep using the balm without having to worry about smudges.

So far I'm happy with it :)
Thanks for reading :) x


  1. Gorgeous! I love the red lips on you, that color is really beautiful. I think red always makes a woman look sexy.

  2. I love that lip color on you! So pretty! :-)

  3. Hey Noelle,thanks :) I think red lipstick is the sexiest colour of lippy :) x

    Hey crystal, thanks :) x

  4. Hey Christina, how are you? Nice freebies, it's been ages since we got some nice ones here! Cosmo came with a little deodorant, but it'd be nice to see a change =)
    I love red nails, not so much red lips, but they look great on you!

  5. Hey Marce, Im ok thanks, sorry I havnt done the tag yet, I've been ill and stuff, I'll try to do it tomorrow.
    I dont think us Brits realise how lucky we are with our magazine freebies, we had a nice Crabtree & Evelyn handcream free with marie claire too,lol.
    Hope you're ok. Oooh, forgot to say I bought a Givenchy interdit lipgloss after seeing your post, and its really nice :) x

    Also I'm sorry to everyone for being crap with comments and stuff lately, I've been having a crap time with everything. I'm hoping everything will be sorted soon though.


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