Sunday, 4 October 2009

Long time..No Blog. Saturday Shopping Haul :)

I finally got out to do a little shopping today, and it was all pretty random. I firstly went to Superdrug and bought more nail varnishes(I have too many) , and a carmex lip balm (I have too many lip balms too).
I bought Three Collection 2000 nail varnishes, the pink one is a sort of barbie pink and is called pink passion, I'm going to put this on my toes tomorrow.
I bought a clear o
ne as a base and this 2 in 1 nail varnish is strengthening and hardening and contains calcium.
The third one is a Blue'ish purple called BMX Bandit, and I shall be wearing that for Monday :)

I also bought the Palmers Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze, I really love this stuff, it smells gorgeous like a chocolatey, caramel smell (I think it does anyway).
This stuff does give a nice natural looking tan, but it does get a little patchy, that the only thing I don't like.
Since winter is almost upon us I don't like using St.Tropez and well lately I haven't u
sed fake tan at all, I'm trying to just be my pale self, but I feel that I need a little colour on my arms, so people don't mistake them for sticks of chalk in my drawing class.

So after superdrug I popped into Newlook to buy some t-shirts and long sleeved t-shirts to go underneath things, because I hate to be cold.

I then went to TKMaxx ( I love this shop) and I bought a lovely Shawl/Scarf thingy. I do love the scarves in accessories but I know if I buy one from there I'll either know, or see someone I know wearing the one I have, and I like to be different so I go to Tkmaxx for most things.

I also had to stock up on cleanser, and since Boots have a 3 for 2 offer on at the moment, I thought I'd take advantage of it :)
So I bought my favourite cleaning products which I swap between, every now and then.

And they are Avenes Extremely gentle cleanser, its a really good thermal spring water based cleanser that is great for sensitive or irritated skin. It also removes eyemake, and since I'm usually too lazy for a huge cleansing routine I love this.

I'm a proper french skincare lover, and a huge fan of Roc products and I have gone through so many of these Roc Hydra 3 in 1 cleansers and if I change I always come back. Like the Avene cleanser this one too removes eye makeup :)
Both cleansers remove dirt really well without drying the skin out.

I usually feel like I need a bit of freshening after cleansing, so for that I use Rocs skin toner. There's nothing much to say about this, but it feels really fresh and doesn't dry your skin out because its made for Dry skin :)

Ok, this next purchase is something I wasn't sure whether I should buy.
I was shopping in Tesco, and well I've been wanting a cheap Boyfriend style shirt to paint in at college.
All the shirts I have seen in Topshop, Miss Selfridge and River Island are way too nice to ruin, so I went and bought a mens shirt from Tesco for £10,lol.
I'm going to put my own little twist on it, to make it more stylish, but I think it might be Ok.
I shall do an outfit of the day featuring this cheap man shirt soon,lol.

Last but not least is this hair colour by Daniel Field, it arrived in the post for me this morning :)
I now have to be careful with the hair dyes I use, and after looking all over the internet for natural hair dyes this one kept popping up, so I gave it a go.
I messaged a lovely lady at Daniel Field and told her about my hair loss, and asked if this dye would be ok for my scalp and she said yes :)
I also asked which red to go for and she suggested the Burgundy Red, and I must say it's a lovely colour I used it tonight and I'm very happy with the results.
These hair colours are peroxide and ammonia free, which is great. They're also long lasting, and can cover greys.

This hair colour is completely different to any other I have used because all you have to do is add Water. Yes, WATER!!!
Umm actually I think I'll write more about this tomorrow, as it deserves a post of its own, and I'll also show the colour off too.

So yes, thats what I bought today :)
I did buy a new electric toothbrush, but I don't think you want to see that,lol, but if you're interested its a Braun Oral B professional care 8500 hehe.

Anyway I must get to bed, I have a stinking cold and chest infection.
Take care all :) x


  1. great haul christina ;) I especially like the nail varnishes and the tee shirts you bought. I need to stock up on those as well! Forever 21, here I come! I wish newlook was available in the states.

  2. Great stuff Christina! I love that purple top and the scarf!

    I hope you feel better! :-)

  3. Hey Noelle, we dont have forever 21 here :( wish we did. :) x

    Hey Kalmo thanks :) x

    Hey Crystal, thanks. I did start feeling better, and last night I was quite ill again :S its weird. :) x


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