Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Online Shopping Haul!

A few things I ordered off the net came today :D I've had a damn flu, and to cheer myself up and get some winter things ready, I got some stuff off the internet.

I have a thing about over-sized men type shirts at the moment :S it will faze out in a week or two, but right now I love them,lol. I want MORE!
I also bought a jumper dress to wear with tight or leggings, with ankle boots for comfy days at college that don't include painting.
I also bought a crazy hat,lol, I love these styles. I think they're hunter hats (even though I hate hunting and am well against it).

I am really excited about these shoes, I've wanted Brogues for Aaggges!!! These ones have some cool little studs, I love them. I also find Topshop shoes comfy :)

This is really naughty, but I have some Body Shop stuff too.
I've read so many nice things about this perfume, and because it has vanilla I had to have it.
I love warm vanilla scents for winter. I had a sample in Cosmo magazine a few weeks back too, and it smelt gorgeous.
I bought the body wash too, so I can be surrounded by the lovely scent in the Bath too.
I also have the Brazil Nut body scrub too, as I love the body shop scrubs, they always make skin feel so smooth and moisturised, like new skin.
And because I'm a lip balm freak I got the Tantalising lip butter, it's so smooth and moisturising.
So that's it for now :)
Hope you've had a lovely evening :)


  1. What a great haul! I love warm vanilla scents in the winter as well and the brazil nut bod scrub smells wonderful, enjoy all your new goodies!

  2. Hey thanks kalmo, vanilla is a great smell :)
    I want the new YSL perfume next, it has vanilla and rose otto. :) x


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