Thursday, 12 November 2009

Growing Hair...

Hey all, just a quick night post.

I've been ill the last few days, I had the swine flu vaccine and it made me really ill, so I haven't been able to post or anything, and because I've been sleeping all day I'm my sleep pattern has gone a little strange.
Anyway, if you have been reading my blog you'll know I've had alopecia (hair loss) and have been trying to get my hair to grow back in certain places and stop falling out any further.

Well about 6 weeks ago I was in boots looking at the hair loss stuff, and I saw a cute little bottle and I thought it looked really girlie, so I took a look, read the contents and liked what I read, so bought it.

And here it is.

It's Schwarzkopf Activ f Dr. Hoting Hair retention care system for women tonic.

On the box it says it slows down and reduces hair loss, encourages hair growth and strengthens hair (great for my fine hair).
It can be bought for £12.99 at Boots and there is also a Shampoo available too for £9.99, but I only bought the tonic.

It has a very sweet smell which I find sickly, sort of like a bubble gum or something, however it is nicer than the male versions of hair loss tonics that stink like a mans deodorant (which is nice on men, but becomes heady and overpowering on women I find).

This tonic is definitely less harsh on the hair too than Alpecin (mens hair loss system) as they contain moisturisers that Alpecin does not.

It contains Carnitintartrate, Echincea and Taurine which I think are the ingredients that stop hair loss and promote new hair growth.

Looking at the ingredients I see that it contains castor oil and I've heard a lot of people swear by it for hair growth and eye lash growth, so maybe that's one of the things that helps.

I really like that this tonic has a nice quite fine nozzle, so its easy to say where the liquid is being applied to.
I usually apply it to the parts of my scalp where the hair has thinned out most, then massage it in.
It can be applied twice a day, but I usually apply straight after washing when the pores are still open (not sure if it makes any difference, I was just trying to be clever).

It's hard to say whether it has worked on me due to a lot of other factors as I've increased my vitamins, started eating healthily, massaged my head with essential oils and used organic shampoos that contain no sulphates.
I have got new hair sprouting though :) Yipee, and less falling out (touch wood).
My hair is also growing quite quickly these days too, I've had several hair cuts in the last 2-3 months, and it just seems to grow back.
I had my fringe/bangs cut 2 weeks ago, and already they have grown out and I need them shaped again.

I hope that anyone who is experiencing hair loss finds this interesting and helpful :)


  1. you felt ill after the vaccine? ouch. i hope you feel better :) and wrap up warm! xxx

  2. I hope you feel better soon. It's great to hear that your hair is getting better, you must be so pleased xxx

  3. Hi Christina,
    Thanks for the comment! I hope you feel better too, I am still deciding whether or not to get that vaccine.

  4. Hi City Girls Fashion Box, lol yeah the vaccine made me ill, I thought it was meant to make people feel better. Thanks, I think I'm getting over the worst of it now :) x

    Hi GlossQueen, thanks I think I'm getting better now :), its exciting about the new hair :) x

    Hi Noelle thats ok :) those pigments looked great. I think the vaccine is worth it, I had to have it because I have asthma, and I always gets flues quite bad, I'm glad I've had it now though :) x


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