Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Mac smoke and Mirrors Palette and FOTD!

Hey all, hope you're all doing well?!
I've been a bit down lately, because of my hair still falling out, and a few other things and that's why I haven't posted.
Anyway my mum bought me this palette the other day, as a treat to cheer me up a bit, so I thought I'd show you all, and post some swatches :)

I did think that after having two Bobbi Brown Palettes and loving them so much that I wouldn't want a Mac one for a while.
That is until I saw the Smoke and Mirrors palette.

As you can see from the swatches above the colours are very neutral, look very much like the Bobbi Brown Shimmering Nudes palette except there is a very nice beige colour (fire in her eyes) which is very wearable, and I know I will be using this one a lot.
I also love Wide eyed wonder which is a greyish taupe, and great for a sultry smokey look and the texture is very smooth to apply, and very pigmented.
The only one that has a weird hardish, chalkish texture that is harder to apply is Deception, you need to apply a few layers to get the colour to show (well I do, could just be me)?!

These colours are very wearable, and I love them :)
Below is a look I created earlier today. Excuse the crazy weird hair, I was caught in the rain earlier.
Damn rain, we have so much of it here in the UK.

What I Used:
Skin: Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation in Sand 2.
Bobbi Brown Creamy concealer in Cool Sand.
Bobbi Brown Sheer Color Cheek Tint - Sheer pink 6.

Eyes: Smoke and Mirrors Palette

Lid and Brow bone - Fire in her eyes
Lid - Wide Eyed Wonder
Crease and Liner - Black Magique
Lower Lid - Spell No9 Mascara - L'oreal Double extension with Renewal Serum

Lips: Givenchy Gloss Interdit 02

Also because of this crap weather I fancied something pretty that would lift my mood, so I bought a bag from Acessorize.

I love the gold butterflies on it and its just really pretty.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. How sweet of your mum. I wish mine would gift me with a MAC palette, LOL! We got them here, I'm really happy. But the price is just too much, unfortunately.
    I can't believe your hair is playing games with you again...don't let it win! Oh, and lovely look =)

  2. Hi Crystal, Thanks :) hope you're doing ok? :) x

    Hey Marcella, thank you :)
    I think my mum bought me something because I was moaning about how crap everything is at the moment, so she bought me something,lol.Plus I don't have any money. I usually buy her something too if shes down. My hair is weird, seems it comes out every time I'm stressed or upset. I might have to quit college now, and get a job though :( x

  3. Thank you for the link Christina! You are so sweet!

  4. Christina, Im sorry to hear about your hair. My very best friend is going through the same situation (her blog http://yummyfashion.blogspot.com/)
    but i have to say ive looked through your pics and you are obviously very talented and beautfiul. So try not stress and keep blogging away. <3-tina

  5. Hey Noelle, thats ok :) x

    Hi Tina, thanks for the comment :) I'm now following your blog and your friends, and I love both blogs :) I know I'm going to enjoy reading :) X

  6. awee thanks soo much christina!! i ADORE yours as well!! My wedding blog did so well i thought i would start my hair affair one.

  7. Hey ... ive nominated you for an award on my blog


    x <3 x

  8. Hi Tina, sorry I took so long to answer. I'll cechk out your wedding blog, I'm not getting married or anything, but I really love looking at wedding things :) x

    Hi sugar&spice, thanks for the nomination, I have done this tag before, but I'm really happy you nominated me :) thank you so much. :) x

  9. Thanks for your comment on my blog :) I know! The jumper was such a find. Yeah your teeth move throughout life that's why I'll always have to wear my retainer at night. How sexy.
    I love the bag. Accessorize always has such great things. x

  10. Hey Emma, wow didn't know teeth moved, I thought it was just me having a weird mouth or something,lol.
    I want a clear brace or one of the 6month ones, but there aren't many dentists in Wales that do them :S

    I had an Accessorize Fetish the other week, lol. I'd never bought a bag from there before but I'm very happy with it :) x


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