Saturday, 5 December 2009

Quick Fotd!

Hi all,
I just thought I'd post a quick fotd of the make up I was wearing today.
I'm quite afraid of colour on the eyes, mainly because it doesn't suit me.
So because it now gets dark around 4pm here (very depressing) I decided to use a coloured eyeliner, I wanted a little colour to lighten things up.

So here we are :)

(Click to enlarge)

Thank you for looking :)


  1. colors scare me a bit too but i have been doing the same thing you did here, whether is eyeliner or just a lining of a colorful eyeshadow.

    pretty look :)

  2. Thats a really nice look on you. I don't tend to wear colourful shadows all the time, but find using a pop of colour via an eyeliner a great way to add a bit of impact without going OTT.

  3. Love this look on you! So pretty! :-)

  4. Hey Nicole thanks :) I think it's easier to pop on some colour eyeliner too :) I feel too lazy in the mornings to think of colours and stuff hehe :) x

    Hey Replica, thanks :) yeah it is, I'm not very good with blending colours on the eyes, so its much easier for me. Plus I don't own many coloured eye shadows. :) x

    Hey Crystal, thank you :) x

  5. clearly this is a sign you should not be afraid od color. That blue eye liner looks FABULOUS on you and not many can pull off blue eye liner. You skin tone compliments it perfectly!

  6. Hello there! Wow, I love this shade of blue on you, it makes your beautiful eyes pop! I want to see more colour! =D
    Hoping you're well! XO

  7. Hi Tina, thank you :) Blue is such a scary colour for me. I think I need to experiment more,hehe. :) x

    Hey Marce, thank you :) I shall try to start using colours in my Fotd's, I've been so addicted to neutrals for a long time now,hehe. I like to play it safe. Those Korres lipglosses looked lovely on your blog, I want some :) x


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