Friday, 1 January 2010

Fave Makeup of 2009

In 2009 my love for natural makeup and sultry looks became stronger, so I liked to look as though I hadn't tried much (even though I had).
So I didn't try much in the way of colour, and I just liked to keep everything simple.

I have quite bad dark circles (it's inherited) and my nose not being the smallest casts even more of a shadow.
So I needed a concealer that covered my dark circles without masking them and making them look more noticeable and for me Macs Moisturecover concealer did just that.

It has a nice, light consistency which can be layered up, and doesn't just lie in fine lines, which as I am getting older seem to notice more :(

Next product was just a bit of a fluke, I was playing around with makeup in boots one day and I tried a bit of Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect on my hand, and it was so soft, light and smooth that I was sold.
I thought that as soon
as I'd worn it over a week that I'd get bored of it, but no this one seems to come into my makeup routine quite often.
The colour really suits my skin (I bought it in rose clair 72) and it's not at all heavy and blends easily. It's worth the £8 something I paid.

For my birthday I had Bobbi Browns Skin foundation, which is a really gorgeous foundation.
It's pretty light, but I sometimes mix a little bit of moisturiser with it if I'm having a good skin day, and it still looks good.
It hides the large pores on my nose well, a
nd creates a nice smooth, even complexion.
I know if I'm having a bad skin day I can rely on this.

I like to have a couple of concealers for different things, and I find Bobbi Browns Creamy concealer kit to be quite effective at hiding my birthmark, and the little pot of loose powder on the bottom of the little stacker helps set the concealer to give it staying power.
I do however find it a bit heavy around the eye area sometimes, but saying that it's really good at hiding the odd spot.

Next is my weak spot, BLUSHER!!
If I don't wear any blusher I feel naked, blusher awakens my complexion and makes me look alive.
I do like matching the tone of my blusher to either my lipstick for some reason, it looks more natural.

The first blusher is YSL Blsuh Variation 13, which when you look at it you think "how on earth is that going to look natural", but when you put it on it gives a lovely plum glow, which looks oddly natural.

Mac's Springsheen was a blush I'd eyed up for ages, and in the end I gave in went skint and bought it, and I'm so glad I did.
It gives a really lovely natural peach colour, it contains shimmer and instead of looking harsh the shimmer looks glowy, so you get a nice healthy glow.

The item isn't really a blusher, it's more of a blusher/bronzer. I use it as a bronzer as I have very fair skin and there's enough pink in it to make it look natural on me, and make me look less corpse'ish.
I use this most days underneath my blusher, just to set it off a bit.

My favourite eye shadows of the year were from the Bobbi Brown palettes.
I have the Shimmering nudes palette and earth metal palette.
The shimmering nudes allows you to create a glowy, smokey eye, and the earth metal palette contains golds, a silver, forest green and brown which you can create a more earthy metallic look with.

I love these palettes as they're so pigmented and easily blended, they're a dream to apply.
Plus the earth metal palettes contains lipsticks that are really handy if you can't be bothered searching for a matching lippie, or really handy when traveling.

I have a thing for lipsticks and lipglosses, they can make you look groomed and made up in a matter of seconds.
I don't like drying products on my lips as I like to keep them as moisturised and plump as possible.
I don't like products that are too gloopey or sticky either, and the products I keep in my handbag and reach out for most are the above, which are:
Macs cremesheen shy girl, Bobbi Brown's rich color gloss in dusty rose, Mac cremesheen glass in melt in your mouth, Givenchy's gloss interdit 02 and Macs Mimmy from the hello kitty collection.

My mascara of the year is L'oreal's double extension mascara.
Before this my HG mascara was Mac's Plush Lash, but after trying this I couldn't go back.

It's double ended and contains the famous renewal serum on one end, which is meant to make your lashes grow longer.
It then has a lovely black, liquidy mascara on the other end, which makes it easier to get those lashes in the place you want to.

And they're my fave products of 2009, wonder what products I will love in 2010.


  1. nominated you for an award hun


  2. what lovely picks Christina! I am going to back to mac some containers for shy girl ;) Do you think it will suit me? It looks like such a pretty color, and I have yet to try the cremesheen lipsticks.

  3. great picks. I'm thinking of trying to BB Skin Foundation this year. Am definitely going to try the LOreal mascara too. My fav products were benefit's posietint (so worth trying!), essie chinchilly nail varnish, and MAC Liberated Gloss and Blackfire Gloss.

  4. Hey Sugar&amp spice, thanks so much for the award :D x

    hey Noelle, hope you had a nice xmas?.Yeah shy girl should really suit you. The cremesheens are nice and moisturising, I find them creamy and similar to Macs amplified lippies. Hope that helps :D x

    Hi scarlettholly, Bobbi Browns skin foundation is really nice, its light and still hides imperfections, I like it :)
    I really liked the look of posie tint, but was too tight to buy it,hehe, so I bought the mememe one from superdrug :)
    Great pick, I love essie nail polishes, I only have two and they're both pink. :D x


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