Friday, 1 January 2010

My fave hair products of 2009

I just thought I'd mention my favourite hair products of 2009.

As you all know I suffered from hair loss in 2009, which was quite distressing and seems to have been brought on by stress.
I've noticed that since I cut my stress levels and have been taking things easy my hair has stopped falling (I'm scared if I say it's all good that it's going to jinx it), but yeah I have more strands coming back now and you can see them sticking up, and they're all different lengths.

I think that one thing that really did help with my hair was regular massages with essential oils.

Every night (or every two nights) about an hour or two before washing my hair I'd prepare a blend of jojoba, castor, rosemary, cedarwood, geranium and lavender oils.

I'd mix around (I didn't actually measure the amounts) 1 1/2 teaspoon of jojoba oil, 1/2 of castor oil (as it's very thick) and say 3 drops of each of the essential oils.
I'd mix them all together in a little plastic dish, then apply to my scalp and work it in.
I'd massage my scalp for about 10mins at a time, making sure to give the scalp a good, firm pressure.

I'd then leave it on my head for an hour or two before washing.
I did this for a few months and well my hair has been growing faster than usual, and I've had several cuts and it's grown back quite quickly.

Right, enough of that and to the products I loved in 2oo9.

I've been using Kerastase Oleo-relax serum for about 4years now and it's one of the only serums I've sworn by and keep coming back to.

For my hair it keeps it moisturised, shiny and tame, my hair can go crazy in the rain but this keeps it from looking like a complete frizzy mess.

However because of the lack of hair it could make it look a little lank, so I decided to try the colour version, which is chroma Riche.
It does seem to suit my fine, flyaway hair and protects my colour, but I like the shine oleo-relax gives me.

I'd recommend chroma riche for finer hair though, as it doesn't make my hair all lanky and it's good if you want your hair to have some volume.

To another Kerastase product and it's Chroma Thermatique, which is meant to protect coloured hair from electrical appliances.
As red hair colour fades quicker than other colours I need something that will give my colour staying power, so I don't have to keep putting dye on my hair.
This cream absorbs easily and quickly into the hair, without a sticky residue (you don't even know its there).

I'm not sure how much it protects your hair, I think the scientists would have to prove it, but I've had far fewer split ends since using this stuff, so I'd recommend it.

To yet another Kerastase product now, which is the Bain Miroir 1, which is a shine revealing shampoo for coloured hair.
It's a nice creamy shampoo, which smells nice and lathers up nicely.
It feels moisturising without the build up which some shampoos give.
Best of all it keeps my colour fresh.

I popped into a hair dressers about 2months ago, and explained ab
out my hair loss and lack of volume, and the hairdresser looked and felt my hair and recommended Tigi's Rockaholic Livin the dream daily conditioner.
He understood that my hair needed something that wouldn't leave a residue, and would give volume while protecting the red colour, and this conditioner does just that for me.
It also contains green tea, goji berry, gotu kola and multi-minerals, which was really appealing and it also has a lovely fragrance.

The product that saved my life through the lack of volume I had wa
s Aveda's phomollient.
It's a lovely, light, foam mousse and it doesn't have a stiff feeling, nor a horrible built up.
It smells lovely,because it contains honey (think of The body shops honey water from years ago).
Also I don't like blow drying my hair very often and this mousse gave volume and thickness without having to get out the old blow dryer.

I have two other sections of the products I loved in 2009 which are going to to makeup and skincare, which I will do as soon as.

Hope you're all well, and a Happy New Year to you all :D x


  1. I want to try that Rockaholic conditioner, as my hair feels rather blah and lifeless lately ;(

  2. Hey Noelle, it is a good conditioner, smells nice too. I used a different shampoo and conditioner today and my hair feels a bit blah today too :S x


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