Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Mondays Boots Haul

I popped to Boots on Monday in need of something, after being stuff in the house from all the snow.
So my dad popped me into the nearest little town, and I bought a few little things :D

First thing I bought was something I'd fancied before Christmas, and that was a Ruby& Millie palette. It was reduced down to £7.50 from £15. Bargain. They're really nice pigmented eyeshadows too, pretty good quality. I can imagine getting a couple of looks out of this palette, I'm excited to play with it.

The colours don't have names, but they range from a champagne gold, to a smokey silvery grey.

I bought the Maybelline Colossal mascara, I've had my L'oreal one for a couple of months and I needed a change. I put some on today, only one coat and it defined all my lashes nicely.

I also bought the L'oreal Elvive Re-nutrition Night serum, my hair is feeling a bit dry from all this cold weather.
I used some one monday night, and last night and it does make my hair feel softer, but I don't really get much shine from it. It is lightweight however, and does make it feel nourished.

Hope you're all ok, and thanks for reading :D


  1. That palette looks great!
    I wish it snowed here where I live! :D

  2. Hey Crystal, I always wished it would snow here, but its been going on so long now that I can't wait for summer.
    I'm on the west coast and we usually miss the snow, we get mostly rain. I wish I lived somewhere hot :( x

    Hey Noelle, thanks :D x

  3. hello :)

    ive been using the elvive serum and i personally havent noticed the difference myself, however my hair dresser noted i had a lot less split ends than normal! xxx

  4. Hello City Girls Fashion Box, how are you?
    Ooh if it stops split ends that's good, because I always get them :/
    I've been putting it in each night, and you really can't tell it's there, my hair seems smoother though :) xxx

  5. keep at it! it feels like a chore but hopefully it will be worth it in the end :) saying that i have been swapping shampoos and conditioners about - so it must be the serum. how did you find the mascara? it sadly didn't do anything for my poor little lashes!

    fyi, thanks for all your mac swatches, your the one i blame for my growing mac collection lol xxx

  6. Hey City Girls Fashion Box, I've been using the serum every night or every other night when I feel lazy, hehe. My hair seems softer, so I'm sure it's doing something.
    Umm the mascara is ok, I like the wand, but it doesnt really pump my lashes up. Plus I've had itchy eyes, so I'm sure its something to do with it.

    Thats ok :) lol, I don't think I'll be buying much Mac for a while, I don't have any money after the last haul, hehe. :) x


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