Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Food Post: Banoffee Pie

Hi everyone, I haven't bought much makeup lately even thought I do have some from before I need to post about, but tonight I thought I'd post about something else that I really Love. Food!

I made a very simple Banoffee Pie. I got the recipe from
HERE. It's very easy to make, and you don't need all these weird ingredients for it either.

So here's my take on it.

I did try to take it out of the tray tidily, but failed,lol, it might look messy, but it is very yummy, if you like sickly food that is :)

So that's my first post on food. :)

Also, I'm thinking of going a lighter red, possibly the red/blonde colour (below) , so it doesn't make my scalp so noticeable with my hair loss. I always have to make sure I have no blonde roots, because the contrast of my bright white scalp and dark red hair makes it quite noticeable.
You can buy this colour from Superdrug if your interested.
(Pic taken from superdrug site)
I'm hopefully going to speak to a new doctor tomorrow about my hair loss, and I'm going to as if a thing called Adrenal Fatigue could be the cause of it.

I was speaking to a lady the other day that lost some of her hair, and it turned out that she was suffering from this. I took a look at the symptoms and seem to have most of them, even the putting weight on the waist symptom :( but it could be from eating too much pudding,lol.

Sorry if my health issues are boring to read about, but it is sort of the reason for a lack of posting, and crap waffling posts too.

Anyway I hope you're all having a good evening, I'm off to eat my banoffee pie now ;)


  1. That looks super yummy..I've been thinking about food blogging too!!!

  2. Hey lipstick rules, thanks :). It was good, so good I ate too much and felt really sick after wards hehe. I'm pig! :) x

    Hey La dolce vita, thank you. Yeah you should food blog, I like having food inspirations :) x

  3. Your pie looks yummy!

    That color would look beautiful on you! :-)

  4. Hey crystal, thank you, it was yummy, LOL I ate too much.
    I want to colour my hair tomorrow, it might not turn out how I want though, but I'm going to try :) hope you're well :) x

  5. omg that looks yummy.... i'd sit with a big spoon and that on my knee hehehe!

    Fingers crossed for you huni with the hair loss ... hope you get it all sorted soon!!

    x <3 x

  6. Hey sugar&amp spice, thank you :)
    My parents ate most of it in the end, I wanted to have the whole thing to myself. :) x


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