Tuesday, 8 December 2009

You know you have Problems when...

Well it's almost 5am here in Wales and I'm still up. Insomnia!
You know when you have even more problems when you start looking around your room, and looking at your makeup collection at almost 5am and find a Gorgeous Blush that you've never even looked at :S
Clearly I must be nuts :P

Anyway enough of my weird nocturnal behaviour, look what I found, and I'm definitely going to wear it tomorrow.

Well it's the Yves Saint Laurent Palette Pop Collector Powder for Face and Cheeks from the Spring 2008 collection (I think).
I'll be mixing all colours for a nice medium pink colour.
I love that it gives a little, tiny bit of shimmer and isn't OTT with it, as some blushers can be, which make me look greasy instead of glowy.

Sorry the swatch above isn't that good, my camera is a bit rubbish.
I'm so excited I found this :D

Anyway I'm going to hop back off to bed now, and try and get some kip, though I'll be waiting to get up so I can put my makeup on and try this :)
I'm excited.


  1. Oh that's gorgeous, what a great find!

  2. if only i could goodies like that in my make up bag :P xxx

  3. awake at 5am .. your insane ... but i love reading your blog!

    cute find .. x <3 x

  4. Well its lovely Christina ;) I love re-discovering makeup

  5. Hey hun! I nominated you for a blogger award! check out my blog :)

  6. Oh man I want to buy YSL for the packaging alone. Great post. I just stumbled across your blog and am loving it so far!


  7. Gorgeous blush shade! 5am is a bit early/late depends on how you look at it:) But its always makeup time=)

  8. Hey gloss queen, thanks :) x

    Hi city girls fashion box I never use to find things like that in my makeup bag once, but I've gone a bit mad with makeup lately :S x

    Hi sugaramp&spice, lol yeah I'm insane. I get insomnia quite bad lately, it's weird. :) x

    Hey Noelle, rediscovering makeup is better than buying it new sometimes :)x

    Hi Alina, thank you for the nomination :) x

    Hi Ashwini, thank you :) Ysl has lovely packaging, it feels so glam :) x

    Hi Monica, lol yeah doesnt matter where or what time it is, makeup is always on the mind, I even dream it :) x


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