Tuesday, 15 December 2009

New hair colour!

Hey everyone, I hope you're all doing great and ready for Christmas (I'm not ready).

Last week I decided I wanted my hair to be a bit lighter, I felt like the darkness along with the darkness outside was bringing my mood down, so I decided to buy some home kits and do it myself.

Well that was quite a big mistake, I'm not going to lie.
I thought I'd bleach the colour I already had out, and start again but I ended up with patchy blonde and orange hair :/
So I then popped a dark auburn colour on and it kinda turned out how I wanted it, thank god.

So here is the finished product :P hehe.

Sorry I look crap, I only popped some Mac mineralize powder on today.

My hair is now a more fiery, gingery colour. It doesn't look so bright in real life, but the camera makes it look a bit different.
Anyway what I learned from the experience is not to muck around with those bleach kits.


  1. I love it! The color is so vibrant, and it really brings out your features. Beautiful =)

  2. ahhhhh dont use at home kits. sorry the stylist in me is coming out. [especially not to lighten]
    BUTTTTT.....i will say it turned out beautiful!!!!!!
    ps i had the same thing happen to me when i was about 16, only i had blonde,orange, and pink patches while i was on vacation. lol

  3. Hey Noelle, thank you :) x

    Hey Tina,lol. I know not to do it again hehe. My sister use to be a hairdresser and she'd tell me off if she knew too,hehe. It was just a impulse thing. Wow, pink patches? I've never had pink, but I had a friend who's hair went green,hehe. :) x

  4. Wow I love it! It looks great! :-)

  5. Love the blog. I found you through another mutual blog.. I will keep checking in for new info.. I would love to have you follow mine as well.. I am a MUA and just do new looks a few times a week..



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