Saturday, 16 January 2010

I love getting Nude!

So recently I have noticed in magazines that the trends for Spring/Summer 2010 is NUDE!!
I really love this trend, everything is toned down, clothes are floaty, lacey and chiffony!
Then the makeup is totally natural.
Such as from Valentino.
(see pic below)

This is all good for me as I like a more subtle makeup look, as when and if I apply too much I look like I'm in drag or something.

So the other week I ordered Paul&Joe's Moisturizing Foundation Primer in Dragee 01, which is for skin tones with pink in them.
There's also Miel 02 for yellow toned skins and Creme 03 for all skin tones.

(Paul&Joe Moisturizing Primer in Drage 01)

I fancied a nice primer which could be worn on its own without foundation, that would give my pale, winter skin some colour without being, heavy or obvious to pull off the whole natural thing.
Well this primer does just that.
It hides pores nicely, and minimizes the look of fine lines (which I'm now getting :( ) and it keeps my skin pretty luminous for hours.
I've worn it most days for 2 weeks now, and it is a really nice primer, I'm quite smitten with it.
It doesn't feel at all siliconey like other primers e.g Philosophy's Supernatural and GOSH primer. It's kept my skin feeling nice and moisturised through this harsh, cold weather we've had here in the UK recently, and it doesn't feel oily either.
If I need a bit more coverage for a night out or something I can apply Bobbi Brown's Skin Foundation on top and it will go just perfectly :)

So here's a pic of me wearing the Primer, so you can see what it's like.

This is me from Wednesday

I used Paul&Joe's moisturizing Primer, YSL touch Eclat and Mac's Pink Swoon Blusher.

On the eyes I used Mac E/s in Chamomile and Modelette (Chamomile all over and Modelette just on the lid and lower lid).

Maybelline's Colossal Mascara on Lashes.

And just Lip Balm on the lips.

It takes under 10mins and it's an easy look for when you really have to rush out.

To add to my nude obsession I've been wearing nude nail polish, I've been using OPI's 'Tickle My France-y' from Opi's French collection.
It's quite an old collection, but I love it. I have a few nail polishes from this collection, it probably has to do with my love of all things French.

To further my current obsession I have also bought a nude Shrug :)

To keep myself optimistic after having all this Cold weather I thought I'd buy something ready for Spring/Summer and this Shrug from Topshop was perfect.
It's Nude, lacey (on the sleeves) and floaty.

It will be really nice to wear when the weather is hot, but not hot enough.

I can't wait to wear it!! Bring on Summer!!!


  1. I love this post! I agree with you immensely on the nude trend for spring. I think it is so ethereal looking and lovely.

  2. Hey Noelle, I'm glad you agree :D I find it quite a romancey trend too and girly' without being too girly :) x

  3. nude is gorgeous! Although getting the right tone is a challenge, too warm or too cool and it all ends up wrong.

    Love Tickle My France-y. It's on my get list for next month's nail haul! :)

  4. WOW that valentino get up is to die for, im in love.
    im pumped for going nude this spring :)

  5. Hi Scarletholly, yeah you're right, the nude thing is hard to get right, it's strange because it looks so simple, lol. :) x

    Hey Nicole, I love Valentino. I love spring/summers fashions. I can't wait for some hot weather now. :) x

  6. I agree- I LOVE the nude trend.
    Great post, nice mix of fashion and beauty :)


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