Thursday, 7 January 2010

Mac Warm and Cosy with a tiny bit of lace loving.

Today my Mac order came, despite all the snow (think I need to have a big white van to get through this snow).
Anyway the other day I got carried away with Macs Warm and Cozy collection and bought quite a lot, the most I've ever bought from one collection, usually I buy one or two things.
So here's what I bought, plus one Love Lace item.

I think I'll leave the eyeshadows and lip products to speak for themselves as they are gorgeous, natural, warm, understated colours, which is what I totally love.

I bought both Care Blend Essential oils, as I really love essential oils I think they have so many benefits physically and mentally. The oils come in: Sweet Orange and Lavender and Grapefruit and Chamomile.

By candlelight has got to be my favourite MSF, its a gorgeous dusky, golden pink. It's very frosty, but looks more glowy and natural'ish when on.

And here's me wearing the new products, trying to be warm and cozy in my grey jumper as it's freezing out.
I just went for a very natural look with just some YSL touch eclat under the eyes, and maybelline colossal on the lashes, and my new Mac stuff :)

Last but not least is the Love Lace eye kohl in Sense Of Style.
Its quite an intense marine blue/ black shade.
When you pull the pencil out it looks quite blue, but when applied it's darker than you'd expect.

I have to say I'm really pleased with this collection, I've been leaning more towards Bobbi Brown lately, but this collection has dragged me back to Mac again.


  1. I am right there with you on warm, natural colors! They just enhance one's features, not hide them. I actually am headed to MAC today because I want to take a look at the new collection...I swear one comes out every week! I think it is called all ages, all sexes, all races? something like that! It is also a very neutral collection from what I can tell. If I get anything, i'll be sure to share in a post!

  2. Hey, sorry I didn't reply sooner, I've had dodgy internet, not sure if the snow can cause it?!
    Ooh hadn't heard of that collection, we get things later here in the UK. I'm trying to ween myself off make up,lol. Hope you bought some nice stuff, I'm gonna check your blog now :)

  3. how funny, we got almost exactly the same things from warm & cozy. I picked up a couple of things from the All Races collection yesterday so I'll be posting them tomorrow so you can see if we are keeping with the same taste! :)

  4. The lipstick and the MSF are just gorgeous !!!!!! XOXO

  5. Hey scarlettholly, I love the warm&cozy collection. I'd love to get something from All Races, but it's not out in the UK yet :(
    Hope you're enjoying the All races :) x

    Hey Cherries in syrup, thank you :) They're the nicest things I've purchased in a while :) x

    Hi Fashion Nicotine, thank you :) x

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  7. oooh I'm totally jealous! I really fancy some products from the Warm and Cosy line especially the Modelette and Chamomile eyeshadow. I have to have them now :)! x

  8. Hi French Dreams, Yes you must buy them,lol. They're really nice, I'm glad I bought them now :) x

  9. warm me up is so pretty. I swatched it next to Brave and being similar I passed. Now I feel I shud have picked it. This has a better texture!!

  10. ooh nice mac items! i want!


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