Friday, 16 December 2011

New hair colour and some L'oreal.

Hi, I'm trying to keep this blog more updated than it has been, so i just thought I'd blog about my new hair colour =)

As you may know I have had a lot of colours on my hair of late, red, brunette and blonde and this caused a lot of damage to my hair :(
However I have now decided to go back and stay my natural medium blonde colour. So with a little help from my hairdressers she was able to match me to a colour and applied a semi-permanant dye as she didn't want to damage my hair any further.
The plan was to go a Rosie Huntington Whiteley blonde.
As seen here.
 Taken from
However it couldn't be done straight away. 
The plan is to have some highlights added to the underlayers of my hair in a couple of months as I need my hair to repair itself a little before damaging it further, and to let my roots to grow out so I get the slight ombre look Rosie has going on.

So here is my hair now.

Next for the makeupy bit :)
I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of drugstore cosmetics, I don't know why. Possibly it's either its hit or miss with the quality or that it feels more glamorous opening a box to a Dior or Chanel Lipstick and applying it, I don't know.
However with these two little L'oreal goodies you can't go wrong ;)

The other day I realised I didn't have a liquid eyeliner anymore 'shock', so I went out and bought one straight away.
After having a quick look on the Boots website before going in out I read some good reviews on the L'oreal Super Liner so I decided it would be the one :)
And I'm so glad I bought it, it's lovely.
It gives a smooth application with its sponge tip applicator, which also allows easy control unlike some of the more brush tipped ones.
You can see in the pic below that I was able to do a quick squiggle with it :)
The liner itself is jet black and stays on all day. I took this photo after about 6hours of wear and it was still holding good.

I bought the L'oreal Studio Secrets Lip Glow a while back in the summer when it was on offer, however overlooked it until now.
The L'oreal Lip Glow is more of less the equivalent of the Diorcolour Reviver Balm (which I really love and have a past post on Here).
The main two differences between the Dior and L'oreal lip glows is the colour and the texture.
I find that the Dior reviver turns a more blueish pink on me, while the L'oreal turns a more berry colour.
Texture wise the Dior has a creamier more moisturising feel, while the L'oreal is more gelly and light feeling on the lips.
Both pretty different but the same, and for those reasons I love them both :)
Well maybe the Dior one slightly more because of the packaging ;)

Anyway I shall be back soon with more bloggings on Bioderma (I actually found it online) and Moroccanoil Shampoo.
In the meantime thanks for reading, and I hope you've all done your Christmas shopping.
Take Care. X

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