Friday, 30 December 2011

Half Price Lush Goodies, YES PLEASE!

 Hello lovelies, I hope you all had an amazing Christmas :)
I have to say mine was probably the nicest I've had in years.
I wanted to blog about what I received for Christmas however I thought I'd show some Lush items I bought half price in the sales.

A couple of months back I bought the Glogg shower gel, it was my first experience of it and I'm totally in love with it. I feel that I can shower in a warm mulled wine, with the comforting smell of cinnamon, it's just divine. This shower gel makes me want Christmas to be every week just so this shower gel never goes out of season. I'll definitely be purchasing it next year, if Lush make it again.

As I was just after sale items when I popped into Lush (trying to save the old pennies) I noticed Charlotte Island was half price. I'd fancied trying this for sometime however as I don't really wear fake tan (too pale) I never thought there'd be any point buying it. The half price sticker made me buy it though this time. I have yet to use it (well only tested on the back of my hand) but I will probably use it for nights out and in the summer, I know I have it now if I need it. I must add it has a lovely fruity smell, yummy.

When popping my items onto the counter I ended up playing around with the lip tints. Celebrate ( a pink champagne flavoured and coloured lip tint) and Chilli Tingle ( an orangey/red coloured lip tint) were the two tints that took my fancy.

(Lush Celebrate)
When I returned home and saw the gold lustre stuff in the tin of celebrate I sort of wondered if it was meant to be there,lol, then I realised it was. I do find that it looks pretty, but it can make application a bit tricky as I ended up with a big blob of gold on my lip, hehe. Celebrate does give a lovely soft pink shimmer though, I really like how it looks on.

(Lush Chilli Tingle)
Chilli Tingle I found to be slightly intimidating though, I imagined having red smeared all over my face ( something that happened with the blistex lip tint when I was in secondary school, but I was more naive then) I do like how Chilli Tingle looks on lips though, it gives a sheer coral tint.

I must add that even though these tints are lovely I don't find them at all moisturising enough and I do apply Lush Honey Trap before application.

 Thank you for reading, I hope you found some bargains in the sales ;)


  1. No one could or should pass up half priced Lush goodies! I just recently discovered Glogg. So amazing!
    <3 Amber

  2. Hi Amber, I totally agree Glogg is amazing I feel like buying a years worth of the stuff so I don't go without :) x


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