Thursday, 11 October 2012

Hair Supplementation

I've been meaning to write about these supplements for a while now, better late than never hey?! :)

As you may know if you've read my blog over the years I did have some hair loss a while back, ever since then I have been on a mission to grow healthy hair. 
My hair did recover from the loss and I did have a bout or two of loss again, but now thank god it seems to be normal again :)

Anyway just over a year ago I had my hair cut to a medium length which I immediately regretted and vowed to grow back as quickly as I could, with regular trims to keep it healthy, shiny and split-end free.

I owe many thanks to Natures Best for my quick and healthy hair growth.

I have taken silica supplements regularly since the whole hair loss scenario, however I read that the Horsetail form of silica could deplete your thiamine (vitamin B1) levels (you'd have to do more research on this matter as I'm not at all scientific, but as I'm a vegetarian my B-vitamins are usually low anyway). So I looked into other forms of Silica and the most promising sounding form was the Bamboo one, as it is the richest form of silica.
Bamboo Silica is said to be good for arteries, tendons, skin, bones, cartilage and of course hair and nails :)
If you google bamboo silica you will find out so much information, much more than I can give.

The Silica I use is by Natures Best and can be found here for the excellent price of £5.40. 
These supplements are also Vegetarian, so you don't have to worry about geletine shells and also you receive 90 capsules, and you take only one a day, so you have 3 months supply, which I think is great for the price as I've paid double that for less than a months supply with other brands.

Bamboo Silica

I also take the Maxi Hair one a day supplements also by Natures Best. These contain most (if not all) the B vitamins, zinc, vitamin c, copper (see below for more)  and a decent amount of Iron which is essential for hair growth.
I take these instead of a multivitamin as I find they contain most things I would need from a multi-vit.
Nature's Health Maxi hair tablets can be found here
They cost £10.50 for 60 tablets.

 Maxi Hair Product info.

So along with these supplements, healthy eating and exercise I have found that mu hair has grown quite well.
And below are some pictures of my hair one being from last summer (on the left) and one from the present :) Excuse the silly pics :)

Thank you for reading :)

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